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Video Production that connects with your audience and inspires them to take action today.

Your audience is craving video. They're watching millions of videos online every day. We are more than your standard corporate video production company. We create impactful videos that engage powerfully with your audience, ignite them to action, and spark lifelong advocates of your brand.

Partner with us to craft a video your customers want to watch that stands out from all the rest. We will work together to create a video for you that cuts through the noise and delivers your message to your audience.

Videos that your customers want to watch look like this…

Brand Films

Videos that tell the story of your company, brand or product. Captivate your customers' attention and inspire them to engage with your brand.

Read artist Jackie Huang's reaction to her brand film…

Video Transcript

Jackie Huang:

"I loved animation from really early. I think I saw one of those behind the scenes videos. People drawing just lines on paper and then when they moved the pages together it all moved, and there was something so magical about that to me. That’s what I wanted to do.

Art was kind of like magic and I wanted to bring that and keep that as I grew up.

I graduated from USC, and then I wound up going to ArtCenter. I wanted to work in feature animation. While I was there I was trying to fill up my schedule for a semester and so I wound up taking a course called 3D Paper Engineering. I actually didn’t know that I was any good at it and it probably wasn’t until the very end of the class that I realized how natural it came to me?

I did, like, portfolio reviews where you go to professionals and you show them what you’re doing. and so many of them would get to, like, the very back of the section find all the paper art, and be like,

“What is this!”

“You really should do this.”

I…felt like…a failure, actually. If I stopped pursuing animation and went to pursue paper art, really that meant that I wasn’t going to achieve my childhood dream of wanting to work for Disney.

One of my mentors asked me, “If you got a job in animation, would you do paper art anyway?”

And I said, “Yes.” And she’s like, “Then just do it. Just go and be the best paper artist in the world.”

Disney has a gallery in Downtown Disney called WonderGround, and WonderGround picks artists that have unique styles and then asks them to do freelance work for them and reinterpret their characters with their own personal style. I got contacted asking if I would be willing to participate.

I was like, “Of course! How can I say no?”

The only way to figure out your own path is to tell the story that you were born to tell. From the lines on the paper that can dance and become an animation, and now it’s using everyday tools that people encounter. Paper, scissors, glue…and rearranging those into something more extraordinary.

This is, probably the best thing in the world. I want that wow moment, that magic moment when they open a pop-up or look at a paper piece and come up to it and have to touch it. And then bring someone else to come look at it too.

For me, seeing art changed my life.

I hope that my art winds up sparking the imagination of another person. Encourage them to do something that they have always wanted to do. Or if it makes them feel something so they know that they’re not the only ones who feel that as well? Maybe hoping that happens as well one day?"

Non Profit / Charity

Videos are a powerful tool for organizations. They connect people to your story & vision. We are passionate about creating incredibly powerful story-driven videos to spread the hope of your cause.

Learn how to supercharge your non profit's donor engagement with impactful videos.

Aerial Cinematography

Using state of the art drones, we create stunning, eye-catching visuals tailored to your company's needs. Aerial visuals are great for marketing, tracking project progress, and much more.

Watch more examples of our aerial cinematography & photography.

Corporate Events

We capture your corporate event and create a story-driven promotional video recapping the day to generate excitement and registrations for future events. Live streaming and FAA certified drone video also available.

Learn why event videos by Hepburn Creative increase your audience.

Video Transcript

This job called Sales Leadership, is arguably the most difficult job for any executive out here. What kind of revolution do we want to get started?

Thomas Jefferson said this, he said every generation needs a new revolution. I think every industry needs a new revolution, and to be honest, we are well overdue.

Sales leadership is about what happens with the people around you.

If you love what you're doing, how much better is the product?

What we need to be doing is we need to be focusing on creating the capability of excellence, not only in ourselves, but in our organizations.

For the rest of the day today, you are not competitors, you're going to be learning a lot from the people around you.

Life really is a series of encounters that you decide whether you care enough to plan for.

When we get something, when we get a new lead, when we get someone reaching out to us, we gotta respond fast. Why? The Holy-Freaking-Cow Factor. Right?

It doesn't just get you more sales, but it really does spark the revolution.

Proper planning produces peak performance. So let's start getting real strategic.

It's really inspiring.

I wish it was more than one day.

So much of it applies to just the daily life.

Very relevant.

I've just never heard anyone that in my view captured what it is that we do so well.

The people who understand how to be the differentiator in that marketplace are going to be the ones that we want to hire.


Do you go back and you be a Sales Manager? Or do you go back and be a revolutionary Sales Leader?

You are going to have to pursue excellence with intentionality.

I'm so fired up, I can't even stand it. I'm coming out of my skin, about what's going to happen next. I hope you're feeling the same way. Life is a promise! Let's fulfill it. Life is a vision. Let's dream it.

Life is a revolution. It starts right here. It starts with you.

Go change the world, everybody!


We're tired of reading news every day that makes our hearts sink. We want to amplify your message with impactful campaign videos.

Learn more about our story-first approach with political videos.


Video is one of the best ways to maximize the training impact in your company and allows you to maintain consistency across your brand.

Video Transcript

Matt Wells:

"Here at A-Fect Sales & Management Training, our whole goal is to help people to be better at what they do. To reach their goals and be more successful.

So the first step to do that is to understand the psychology of sales. To help people understand how to buy from you. Rather than you selling things to them, they naturally just buy.

The only way to do that is to help yourself mentally understand where people are. They buy different now than they ever have in history. 

So that's what this whole series of Psychology of Sales is all about. Is to help you understand where your clients are at, and how to make the positive changes to help yourself be more effective, and more successful.

To get started, go to A-Fect.com and take a look."


A great way to highlight the excellence of academic programs and educators.

Video Transcript

Mike Dorrell, Ph.D.:
"The Advanced Cell class, was a class when I came here that was taught by a previous professor, and it was, and continues to be one of those that has a lot of in-depth content that's really hard to visualize.

The first year I actually sat in on the class, and then I took TILE. And then that's where I kind of really, got some good hints into how to use active learning techniques. And Jigsaw was one of the ones that came up that I saw, that I thought might work particularly well for this course, because of the amount of content that you have to get into. But where my focus really was on hoping the students could have a little bit more of a role in their own learning. And then taking that knowledge to the next step."

Ashley Barnett, PLNU Class of 2014:
"Mike's class was probably one of the first ones where I was forced to do an assignment from the textbook, and actually understand a given amount of pages. So I became a critical thinker, and it made me see that there's so much value in learning it in a different way. And that I actually understood the concept so much more than a ton of facts."

"What Jigsaw allowed me to do was to have the students learn on their own, become an expert in a small portion of the unit. That they could then teach that part to the other students. And in doing so, they learned how to communicate, they learned how to be an expert in a relatively small portion of the science, and then communicate and understand the broad aspects of the rest of the science."

"This style of learning really impacted how I teach, and it really made me take my learning a step up. So I try to do the same with my students."

"When they have their different portions of the chapter that they have to learn to teach each other, I have a worksheet for each of those different portions. So all the different groups have their own individual worksheet that relates to their portion of the chapter.

I think one of the important aspects is to give them time to really think about it, to discuss it with their groups, and have time to debate with each other, whatever it might take. And so as I'm walking around, I'm kind of listening, I'm interjecting. And between all the groups there, and my clarifying things, we get to the actual right application and answers. So I think it really results in the students being able to apply the material, rather than just regurgitate the facts."

"The whole process from start to finish of having the worksheet, and then making a summary, and teaching my group made me see that learning can be so much deeper, and that now I know that material for life."

"All the students out there have the capability of contributing to their own learning if they have the framework."

"It's just a really cool thing because kids need to build confidence, and that's how you build a lifelong learner."

"I love seeing students thrive. There's a lot of other things I could be doing, but this is where my calling is, and I really love the idea that I've given them this empowerment to take over their own learning, and they really do get the confidence, and that's why I'm a professor."


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Pricing is quoted on a per project basis and most projects begin at $5000.

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