Your company has a story worth telling.

Captivate your customers and inspire them to engage with your brand.

From giant national brands to local small startup entrepreneurs, businesses face a major challenge: making a connection with their customers. Brand films are the way to engage customers and give them the confidence to purchase from you. Studies have shown over and over that in order to buy, customers need to trust a company first. Brand films tell your story and build trust.

What is a Brand Film?

Brand Films can take a variety of shapes, but at its core, a brand film tells your customer who you are and why you do what you do. Every company has an origin story, a narrative that explains how a founder or team saw a need and the path to the creation of a solution for that need. Your business has an origin story. Your customer wants to know why they should trust you. Show them with a brand film.

Jackie Huang Paper Artist Testimonial

"Working with Hepburn Creative was such a pleasure! They were extremely professional and made the entire process comfortable so the results are amazing.

I absolutely love the film they produced for me! The film really captured my story so I could share it with the world and the final film looks beautiful. I couldn’t be happier."

Jackie Huang, Paper Artist

Brand Lifestyle Films

An extension of brand films is the Brand Lifestyle video. These showcase your product or service in action. It is important for your clients to see your product or service in action, fulfilling the purpose for which it was created and the success an existing customer is already experiencing as a result of making that purchase decision. At the core of human behavior, your customers are more likely to buy if they see that others have had success already.

Jackie Huang, Paper Artist

“My video allows my fans to get to know me and my work more intimately. One fan even reached out and shared her story of similar creative struggle and how my video inspired her to pursue her own path. That’s my vision for my art, and her experience motivates me to keep going, because I hope to inspire more folks!

The team at Hepburn Creative made the entire process comfortable so the results are amazing. The film looks beautiful and really captured my story so I could share it with the world.”

Jackie Huang, Paper Artist
Jacquie Parella, Compassion International

Hepburn Creative has a passion for storytelling that is ignited by their love for the poor, the voiceless & unseen people of this world. Through their amazing creativity and insight, they brought my team’s video ideas to life, telling the story of Compassion in a way that we could not have done without them.”

Jacquie Parella, Compassion International