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Videos for Businesses

Enhance customer engagement, improve understanding of products or services, and drive increased sales and brand loyalty.
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Your audience is craving video.

Your audience is watching millions of videos online every day. Cut through the noise with impactful videos to engage powerfully with your customers, ignite them to action, and spark lifelong advocates of your brand.

89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service. (wyzowl)

You need videos your customers actually want to watch.

Customer Testimonial Videos

begin at $10,000 + travel

Clients thrilled with your work are some of your best sales people. When you share their success story, others want to hire you so they experience the same.

Brand Films

begin at $15,000 + travel

Videos that tell the story of your company, brand, or product. Captivate your customers’ attention and inspire them to engage with your brand.

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Commercials for Television and OTT Streaming

begin at $20,000

These narratives can expand your brand’s reach, either locally or nationally, fostering brand recognition and cultivating trust. Capitalize on the broad appeal of TV to capture your audience’s attention, inspire action, and drive your business growth.

Videos for social media

begin at $6,000

Tailored to catch the quick-scrolling eye, these engaging clips can increase your brand visibility, drive user engagement, and promote shareability across various social platforms.

Product feature videos

begin at $10,000

Dynamic, engaging video content amplifies your product’s story, showcases its features and benefits, and enhances customer engagement. Turn viewers into customers by visually communicating how your product solves their problems and improves their lives.

Promotional Videos with custom footage

begin at $15,750 + travel

You worked tirelessly creating an amazing product and now you can’t wait to get it in the hands of people who will love it. Product videos can increase purchases by 144%. (Neil Patel, 2017)

Promotional Videos with stock footage

begin at $12,500

Save time and shoot days with a promotional video created from stock footage. We write the script, cast your voiceover, and assemble your video so your audience can see how much they need your product.

Website Video Headers

begin at $3,150 + travel

When you use the same stock video and images your competitors are using, it tells your customers you’re no different than everyone else. The answer is custom video tailored exclusively for your business.

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Videos for Education

We create attention-grabbing videos for higher education college and universities. We highlight your programs in campus life to engage new students who are interested in applying.

Brand Lifestyle Videos

Brand lifestyle videos showcase your product or service in action, illustrating the success an existing customers are already experiencing. Your customers are more likely to buy if they see that others have had success already.

Aerial Drone Cinematography

Using state of the art drones, we create stunning, eye-catching visuals tailored to your company’s needs. Aerial visuals are great for marketing, tracking project progress, and much more.

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Non Profit / Charity

Videos are a powerful tool for organizations. They connect people to your story & vision. We are passionate about creating incredibly powerful story driven videos to spread the hope of your cause.

Learn how to supercharge your nonprofits donor engagement with impact for videos.

You deserve to feel great about your next video.

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  • Content
  • Development
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Location scouting


  • HD, 4K & 8K production

  • Green screen production

  • On-location production

  • Video lighting

  • Location audio

  • Timelapse photography

  • Motion control


  • Video editing

  • Motion graphics

  • Visual FX

  • Licensed music

  • Audio mastering

Pricing is quoted on a per project basis. Most projects begin at $10,000.

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In 2023, 91% of marketers are using video.


Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

“The team at Hepburn Creative are incredible professionals with fantastic vision who have helped us craft truly excellent videos for several of our promotions and events. They’re the first call we make when we need professional videos produced.”

Kevin Shore

Shore Consulting

“The Hepburn Creative team’s willingness to go, to do, and to listen is appreciated by all our staff. They take the time to understand our various audiences and make sure every video is created to thoughtfully engage and inspire the target audience. We look forward to future projects.”

Adam Carrigan

OTB.Global, LLC

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