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About Us

We help businesses and organizations harness the power of story and video to inspire their audience to take action.

You and your customers love engaging stories. How do we know? Everyone makes decisions, both rationally and emotionally, based on the stories we experience in our daily lives. It's how we're wired. Your stories are the sparks that transform ideas and ignite change.

Since 2008 we've honed our skills and relentlessly pursued improvement in our business for one reason – Elevating yours.

We answer the question your customers are asking right now. “Why you?”

Our Story

How Hepburn Creative Got Its Spark


1. You will have fun.

2. We've got your back.

3. Together we'll create something awesome.

 Our Leadership


David Hepburn // Chief Creative Officer

"From Day 1, I knew I wanted to help organizations and businesses create incredible videos. For 19 years, I've pursued a career of video and film in places like primetime television shows, corporate video, faith-based video, and international non-profit 501(c)(3) projects. I use this experience to elevate our creative decisions and bring excellent production value to your story."

Holly Hepburn // Chief Executive Officer

"I love seeing people come alive when we tell their story. Before joining Hepburn Creative as Chief Executive Officer in 2013, I was a founding director of GenerateHope, a non-profit in San Diego. My background is in Social Work, and I use it to bring a unique people-focused perspective to our work."

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