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Our Story

We help businesses and nonprofits harness the power of videos and marketing to inspire people to take action.

You and your customers love engaging stories. How do we know? Everyone makes decisions, both rationally and emotionally, based on the stories we experience in our daily lives. It’s how we’re wired. Your stories are the sparks that transform ideas and ignite change.

Since 2008, our passion for storytelling has taken us across borders, to businesses and nonprofits in the farthest corners of the globe. From capturing the vibrant colors of a bustling marketplace in Thailand to documenting the heartwarming success stories of a nonprofit in Haiti, our journey has spanned across Burundi, Canada, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Lesotho, Mexico, Nicaragua, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, the United States, and more.

We don’t just specialize in navigating the unique travel requirements of global video production – we thrive on it. No matter how remote or challenging the location, we’re committed to bringing your story to life with authenticity, respect, and creativity.

As your creative partners, you can trust us to capture your narrative in a way that resonates with your audience, no matter where on Earth they are. We answer the question your customers are asking right now. “Why you?”

“The team at Hepburn Creative are incredible professionals with fantastic vision who have helped us craft truly excellent videos for several of our promotions and events. They’re the first call we make when we need professional videos produced.”

Kevin Shore

Shore Consulting

“The Hepburn Creative team’s willingness to go, to do, and to listen is appreciated by all our staff. They take the time to understand our various audiences and make sure every video is created to thoughtfully engage and inspire the target audience. We look forward to future projects.”

Adam Carrigan

OTB.Global, LLC

You’ll work with a team who…





How Hepburn Creative Got Its Spark

Hepburn Creative, Inc. first opened its doors as a video production company in 2008 in San Diego, California. From the beginning our mission has been to provide high quality, engaging videos. We have the privilege to partner with national brands, local small businesses, and our favorite…international non profit organizations changing lives abroad.
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Our Promise to you

  1. You will have fun. 
  2. We’ve got your back.
  3. Together we’ll create something awesome.

Our leadership

David Hepburn // Chief Creative Officer

“From Day 1, I knew I wanted to help organizations and businesses create incredible videos. For 25 years, I’ve pursued a career of video and film in places like primetime television shows, corporate video, faith-based video, and international non-profit 501(c)(3) projects. I use this experience to elevate our creative decisions and bring excellent production value to your story.”

Holly Hepburn // Chief Executive Officer

“I love seeing people come alive when we tell their story. Before joining Hepburn Creative as Chief Executive Officer in 2013, I was a founding director of GenerateHope, a non-profit in San Diego. My background is in Social Work, and I use it to bring a unique people-focused perspective to our work.”


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