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We help you communicate clearly and craft videos for businesses & nonprofits to inspire viewers to action.

We started our video production company in 2008 to tell engaging stories. Why? We know that each of us make our decisions, both rationally and emotionally, based on the stories we experience in our daily life. Your stories are the sparks that transform ideas and ignite change.

Today, we partner with national brands and small businesses, nonprofits and startups, collaborating to get at the heart of what you do.

We answer the question your customers are asking right now.

“Why you?”

Our Origin Story

How Hepburn Creative Got Its Spark
Kevin Shore, Shore Consulting

The team at Hepburn Creative are incredible professionals with fantastic vision who have helped us craft truly excellent videos for several of our promotions and events. They’re the first call we make when we need professional videos produced.”

Kevin Shore, Shore Consulting
Adam Carrigan, OTB.Global LLC

“The Hepburn Creative team’s willingness to go, to do, and to listen is appreciated by all our staff. They take the time to understand our various audiences and make sure every video is created to thoughtfully engage and inspire the target audience. We look forward to future projects.”

Adam Carrigan, OTB.Global LLC


1. You will have fun.

2. We've got your back.

3. Together we'll create something awesome.

 Our Leadership


David Hepburn // Creative Director

As Creative Director, David has more than 18 years of video and film industry experience in a wide range of specialties. Primetime television shows, corporate, promotional web-based, and international non-profit 501(c)(3) projects, all combine to inform our creative decisions, and bring excellent production value to your story.

Holly Hepburn // CEO

Before joining Hepburn Creative as Chief Executive Officer in 2013, Holly was a founding director of GenerateHope, a non-profit in San Diego. With a background in Social Work, Holly brings a unique people-focused perspective to our work. She is also a cinematographer and editor.

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