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Website Video Headers For Businesses

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you deserve better than the same generic stock videos everyone else uses.

Customers want to know why they should choose YOU. When you use the same stock videos your competitors are using, it tells your customers you’re no different from everyone else. The answer is custom videos tailored exclusively for your business. Stop convincing your customer you aren’t unique and show them all the amazing reasons they should be doing business with you.

Your sales go up when you use videos made exclusively for your business.


Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.


Websites with video enjoy 41% more web traffic than those that don't.

Your customers engage more with your brand when you use video on your website.

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It’s frustrating to know you could make more money and a greater impact if you could just reach your audience better. We harness the power of video to turn casual visitors into excited customers.

Two options to boost your business

Video Header Only

The header of your website is valuable. It’s the first thing your customers see, and it leaves a lasting impression, good or bad. Harness that power and convert more casual visitors into raving fans with a custom video header created exclusively for your business.

We will captivate your audience using footage we capture showing off all the details that make you great. Happy customers, friendly staff, your winning products and features. Your video header will look similar to this example: no music, some slow motion, clips selected to represent you with excellence.

Video Header + Brand Story Film

Want to truly maximize your visitors’ engagement? After viewing your video header, your Brand Story Film gives them the confidence to make a buying decision. Through a relaxed, friendly, on-camera conversation with you or a key representative of your business, viewers learn why you’re passionate about serving them, and what makes your product or service truly unique.

We build it using footage we capture for your website header, as well as testimonials with your customers, and an on-camera conversation with you. Your Brand Story Film will look similar to this example: licensed production music selected to match the vibe of your business, and video chosen specifically to represent you with excellence.

Big return from a small investment

How we calculate travel costs

If your business is located in San Diego County we do not charge any additional travel fees. For all other locations, both US and International, we bill at cost for: air travel, 1-2 nights accommodation, transportation, and meal per diem. Most destinations within the United States incur an average travel cost of $800-$1,500.

Getting your own video header is easy

Schedule Your Shoot

Schedule your shoot. David, our Chief Creative Officer and StoryBrand Certified Guide, will guide you through the process.

We Create Your Video

We travel to your place of business and spend one shoot day capturing engaging video of you and your team at work.


In two weeks or less, your custom videos begin to reach your audience so you can convert more of them into customers.

Success stories from energized clients

“The team at Hepburn Creative are incredible professionals with fantastic vision who have helped us craft truly excellent videos for several of our promotions and events. They’re the first call we make when we need professional videos produced.”

Kevin Shore

Shore Consulting

“The Hepburn Creative team’s willingness to go, to do, and to listen is appreciated by all our staff. They take the time to understand our various audiences and make sure every video is created to thoughtfully engage and inspire the target audience. We look forward to future projects.”

Adam Carrigan

OTB.Global, LLC

We exist to empower companies, nonprofits, and people by telling the right story.

We make videos and marketing so your customers engage and are inspired to take action.

We harness the power of a proven marketing framework called StoryBrand to help you find the right words and create videos with impact. When you guide your audience into becoming the hero of their own story, your business will grow.

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