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Video Editor

Full Time (remote)

Are you a creative person with a passion for crafting compelling stories through video? Do you thrive on variety and want more than just the typical button-pushing editing role? Want to work remotely as part of a team that truly values your expertise, gives you a platform to do impactful work, and compensates you fairly for it?

If you answered yes and feel an enthusiastic excitement building, you’ll fit right in here! We’re Hepburn Creative and we’re looking for an exceptional Video Editor like you – someone who embodies creativity, pays attention to the finest details, cares about people, and possesses a rich editing experience.

At Hepburn Creative we create engaging videos for businesses and nonprofits. From one day to the next, and often simultaneously, we work on a range of projects from product videos for Fortune 500 companies to stories of empowerment from East Africa. In all our work, we harness the power of a story-driven marketing framework to create videos people want to watch and respond to.

As an integral part of our creative team you will: 

  • Collaborate effectively with team members to fulfill editing needs.
  • Edit video footage and other creative assets into compelling, engaging, moving videos.
  • Review hours of raw footage, interviews, and transcripts to identify the best elements.
  • Deliver content by deadlines.
  • Innovate with fresh editing ideas, including the use of motion graphics, music, dynamic text placement, and editing techniques.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across the content we create.
  • Use intentionality to uphold dignity and empowerment of people through ethical storytelling.
  • Properly archive and store content.
  • Thrive and remain efficient in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Collaborate with team members to keep clear expectations.

That sounds like a lot (and it is), but you won’t be alone! We believe in the value of collaboration and will ensure that you feel equipped and supported throughout your journey with us.

The people who love this job and do well in this position:

Are experienced storytellers. Your superpower is finding the story amidst the noise. Whether you’re taking soundbites from interviews, choosing from a wide range of b-roll, or identifying the best of multiple takes, you are skilled at turning them all into a powerful video that compels the audience to take action.

Are technically-skilled editors. Whether it’s an interview-based story or action-packed motion graphics sizzle reel, you are familiar with a wide variety of industry tools and platforms and how they work together to create compelling narratives.

Pay attention to details. You have high standards for excellence. You’re the type of person who will tweak even just the tiniest thing because when you rewatch it for the 10th time in a row, you just can’t let it go. You know attention to detail is a strength and you wield it responsibly.

Are easy to work with. You are an excellent team player, with open communication and a readiness to give and accept creative feedback. You believe working as a team leads to success and open communication is key.

Are passionate. As one of the core members of our team guiding the direction of the stories we tell, you are passionate about creating content that inspires action and change.

Care about people. You care more about the client than just finishing their video. You make sure each person involved feels seen and you know how to make their input feel valued.

What you’ll do every day (and how quickly you need to be good at it):

In the first 30–60 days and ongoing:

  • Meet and establish relationships with our team.
  • Familiarize yourself with our workflow, standards, and storytelling style.
  • Gain knowledge of the various types of projects we specialize in: brand films, social media content, product videos, donor engagement fundraising content, and more.
  • Familiarize yourself with existing projects and workflows.
  • Begin editing footage under supervision, demonstrating the ability to pick the best soundbites and clips.
  • Receive feedback on your work and show the ability to incorporate this feedback into your edits.
  • Begin mastering company tools and platforms.

Within the 3rd month and ongoing:

  • Independently edit entire projects with minimal supervision, maintaining our standard for high-quality videos.
  • Work effectively under deadline pressures, delivering projects on time.
  • Begin contributing innovative ideas for edits, including the use of motion graphics, music, dynamic text placement, and editing techniques.
  • Show growth in your understanding and execution of ethical storytelling principles.

Within the 6th month and ongoing:

  • Take the lead on video projects, coordinating with other team members and taking responsibility for the final product.
  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency with all company tools and platforms.
  • Be fully integrated into the creative team, working smoothly with other team members and contributing ideas during brainstorming sessions.
  • Show the ability to create a consistent look and feel across multiple projects.

12th month and ongoing:

  • Consistently deliver high-quality, impactful videos that embody our commitment to ethical storytelling.
  • Be recognized as a key part of the creative team, making significant contributions to brainstorming sessions and project executions.
  • Show the ability to work efficiently in our fast-paced environment, managing multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining high standards for each.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the our workflow and video production processes by providing valuable feedback and suggestions.
  • Have established strong relationships with clients and other team members, exemplifying our value of being easy to work with.

Education, Skills & Experience:


  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in video production/post-production.
  • Proficiency in Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)
  • Demonstrated expertise in visual storytelling, with a strong sense of pacing and timing.
  • Thorough understanding of color grading, audio mixing, and motion graphics principles.
  • Extensive knowledge of video codecs, formats, and compression standards across various delivery platforms.
  • Exceptional attention to detail with the capacity to deliver high-quality work under tight deadlines.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with a proven ability to work effectively in a team environment.
  • Robust organizational and time management abilities, including the capability to prioritize multiple concurrent projects.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams and stakeholders


  • Experience with industry-standard design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator), Pixelmator Pro, or similar tools
  • Proven experience in creating and implementing motion graphics.
  • Awareness and understanding of the latest visual trends and technologies.
  • Experience working in a remote environment.

You’ll stand out if:

  • You speak a second language in addition to English
  • You’ve spent time traveling or living outside of the United States

Who is Hepburn Creative:

We bring global stories to life for businesses and nonprofits with videos, content, and marketing strategy that move people to action. We believe diversity fuels innovation and enriches storytelling. We’re deeply committed to fostering a culture that values a myriad of voices and experiences. We strongly encourage individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, identities, abilities, and worldviews to apply. Our goal is to build a team of diverse global perspectives that help us broaden our understanding, challenge our assumptions, and create a more impactful narrative.

What’s important to us:

Ethical Storytelling. Whether it’s going into the remote areas of East Africa or marketing a company’s new product, we believe it can be done ethically. Every human and company should be represented with dignity, accurately in truth.

High End Videos. There are a lot of companies out there that create videos. We believe that we’re set apart by creating high end, specialized videos that make an impact.

Being Easy To Work With. Ask anyone we work with and they’ll tell you they enjoy working with us because we are fun and easy to work with. We create an atmosphere to make the creative process easy on our clients, so they know we’ve got their backs and can provide whatever they need.

People. We know everyone has their own unique story. We love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and celebrating what makes them *them*. We exist to empower people and their stories.

What is the compensation:

The expected salary range for this position is $55,000-$80,000.

A more detailed description will be provided if you are contacted for an interview.

What are the benefits:

  • Paid holidays and flexible time off
  • Medical + vision contributions
  • 401k and employer match
  • Work remotely
  • Stipends for home office, professional development, and TSA Pre-check or Global Entry
  • Opportunities to travel with our production team on select international story-gathering trips

A more detailed description will be provided if you are contacted for an interview.

What happens next:

  1. Apply today. Click the Apply For This Job button. Answer some questions and provide your resume and a link to your demo reel.
  2. Proceed through the interview process. After we determine you’d be a great fit for our team, we will reach out to schedule your first step in the interview process.
  3. Say “Yes” to your new career! Join our team and let’s make an impact on the world together!

Hepburn Creative is an equal opportunity employer and follows all federal and state hiring regulations.

Here’s how to join our team:


1. Apply online

Click Apply For This Job. Answer some questions and provide your resume.


2. Go through the interview process

After we determine you’d be a great fit for our team, we will reach out to schedule your first step in the interview process.

3. Say "Yes" to your new career!

Join our team and let’s make an impact on the world together!

You’re a great fit if you…