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Political Videos With Impact


using videos that reach voters

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community?


Are you tired of reading news every day that makes your heart sink?


Do you want to amplify your message with impactful videos?


We're here to help.


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Voters want to know why you care.

In June 2017, our friend Christy Holstege announced her candidacy for Palm Springs City Council. We partnered with her and created a series of videos that told her story, and explained her positions on the issues that are most important to her. She implemented them in her campaign: in social media, emails, and more.

She won, and that experience sparked something in us. We realized we’re passionate about helping candidates share what drives them. Who you are, why you care, and what your plans are to effect change.

Do you care about issues like:


  • Immigration?
  • Financial accountability?
  • Helping families?
  • Empowering women?

The lives of those around us are too important to wait.

How does it work?

No one tells your story like you do. We start with creative brainstorming sessions with you over the phone (or FaceTime!) and craft your narrative.

Next, we bring a two person video team to you – that's us. Most of the time, we conduct an easy interview with you (it's more like a conversation), followed by capturing additional video footage to support your story. We also capture short videos of you talking about your platform issues for use on social media.

Then we edit everything together into powerful, short 15-60 second videos you use to amplify your message to more voters.

How much does it cost?

We know your dollars have to stretch a lot, and every campaign is unique. We also believe in the power of video, and are committed to providing you with tools to go the distance. Pricing is tailored to you and the size of your campaign. Most videos start at $4,000 + our travel cost.

Photo by Jessica DiBella.

Who are we?

We're Holly & David Hepburn. Two Americans who care about our community and are ready to see a shift in our national political discourse. A return to civility, honor, and trust.

We've owned Hepburn Creative for 11 years and have more than 19 years of video industry experience in primetime television shows, corporate, social media videos, promotional web-based, and international non-profit 501(c)(3) video. We use a story-first approach to create impactful videos to resonate with your voters.

We help passionate candidates harness the power of story and use the right words to raise more money and win over voters.

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