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There are a few lucky people in the world who naturally come alive when they are in front of a camera…the rest of us are terrified. Chances are, you’re reading this because you’ve been asked to speak on camera as an expert in your field. Rest easy knowing that you are in the good company of most of the world, feeling like a deer in the headlights when that record light comes on. Knowing how to be comfortable on camera may not come naturally to most of us, and if that’s you, we’ve got good news. At Hepburn Creative, it is our goal to make sure you look great on camera and feel comfortable throughout the process. When you’re boosted by confidence, you will start to actually enjoy the experience.

Here are our tips for how to be comfortable on camera.

Don’t over prepare.

“Pull yourself together. Don’t look like an idiot!” You wouldn’t be the first person to say that to yourself in the mirror the morning of your day on camera. The truth is, you’re on camera because you’re an expert in your subject, and your company recognizes that! It’s easy to let the pressure of the experience make you feel like an imposter, and one of the easiest ways we as humans think makes us look like an expert is to memorize everything that you have to say. As people, our gut reaction is to defend ourselves mentally so we don’t stumble through our words.

The problem with memorizing everything, is that you are not a robot. When you focus on responding from a rehearsed block of text, authenticity is lost. Your viewers stay engaged and respond far better when they trust you as an expert, comfortable in what you know. Speaking from your experience naturally, is far more powerful than memorizing a script.

Often, you’ll receive a list of questions that you will be asked. Instead of practicing your answers, it’s much better to familiarize yourself with key points of your answer, but not rehearse exactly what you’ll say. When the cameras start rolling, we’ll guide you through the experience as a conversation, not an interrogation.

Wear clothes that make you feel great.

Self confidence is a huge part of being comfortable on camera. Set yourself up for success. On the day of your shoot, plan to wear something that you know you love. That suit, or that dress, or that outfit that makes you say, “Yes. I look awesome in this.”

As you do that, here are a few quick tips that will help you look your best:

  1. Solid colors are always a great choice. Except red. Red can do strange things on camera, so avoid it when possible.
  2. Stay away from stripes or tight patterns. Because of how cameras capture images, stripes and patterns can cause digital artifacts like wavy lines or distracting movement. You know those optical illusions? You don’t want those all over your body.
  3. Leave your jangly bracelets and other jewelry that is prone to make noise at home. It’s easy to miss it in the moment, but when viewers watch the video, it distracts from your message.

Arrive early to chat with the person interviewing you.

On many locations we shoot, there ends up being quite a lot of video gear. It’s easy for that to be intimidating. How to be comfortable on camera? Send those nerves packing by arriving a few minutes early to chat with the person interviewing you. In life, we are naturally most at ease having conversations with people we know and are familiar with. Spending a few minutes making small talk can go a long way to ease the stress you may be feeling. When you’re relaxed and comfortable from the start, your body language and smile will exude the confidence that confirms your expertise and authenticity on camera.

Hire a video production company that makes you look awesome.

There’s so much more to a great video than showing up with a bunch of fancy equipment. At Hepburn Creative, we make sure that all our clients know that we are not just there to do a job. You can participate confidently, knowing that we will always have your back. If you stumble during an answer, that’s totally ok! We’ll make sure to circle around and give it another shot. The beauty of the process is that we can edit out any mistakes or stumbles later, making you look even more polished than you already were! Before you know it, your time on camera will be done. You’ll wonder what you were so stressed about! For most of us, the pressure of being on camera never completely goes away, but you’re a video veteran now, armed with the tools for success.

We’re a team of creatives with high attention to detail. We constantly look out for considerations and improvements that all add up to a finished video that makes you proud. We love going the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Stop struggling with how to be comfortable on camera. Use these recommendations to prepare in advance.

Working with Hepburn Creative, you are backed by a team that wholeheartedly cares about you. It’s a big WIN for all of us when you know you look good, your company is represented with excellence, and ultimately leads to a video that engages your viewers.

Post title photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash.